Choose from Our Stones and Gravel in Penrith

You imagine the satisfaction you’ll get by creating your own garden or landscape. But you don’t have extensive spare time to spend working in your garden, so you need a garden design that’s both simple and beautiful. Aggregate, decorative rock and gravel in Penrith look beautiful but require minimal work.

Let Silverdale Sand & Soil Pty Ltd be your go-to resource for stones and gravel in Penrith. Like you, we are passionate gardeners who want to provide you with only the best solutions for your home and yard.

Benefits of Our Stone and Gravel in Penrith

We carry a wide range of rock and gravel options so you can choose the colour, style and texture that looks best in your garden. Our options include:
  • Blue metal
  • Cowra gold pebble landscape blend
  • Cowra white
  • Crushed aggregate
  • Limestone
  • Recycled concrete aggregate
  • Recycled sub base concrete
  • River stones
  • Round river gravel
No matter which type you choose, you’ll enjoy minimal work to maintain your stones, aggregate or gravel. You won’t need to water or fertilize, and you won’t need to weed as frequently as you would with grass. Plus, our rock or gravel options are nutritious for flowers and plants and are sustainable for the long term.

Count On Our Affordable Prices

We offer many sizes of rocks and gravel, from gravel as small as 10 mm to river stones as large as 300 mm. We keep our prices affordable so you can order as many tonnes as you need without worrying about cost. We can deliver our rocks and gravel directly to your home, or you can pick them up yourself six days a week.

As a family-owned business since 1996, we know what local gardeners are looking for. When it comes to gardening, we understand your desire to do it yourself, and we want to make that possible with our expert gardening solutions.

Call us today to order stones, gravel and aggregate.


20mm Blue metal : $63.50 per tonne

10mm Blue metal : $63.50 per tonne

40mm Recycled concrete agg : $38.50 per tonne

20mm Recycled concrete agg : $38.50 per tonne

10mm Recycled concrete agg : $38.50 per tonne

20mm Crushed Asphalt : $36 per tonne

Recycled Sub base concrete : $34 per tonne

Gravel and decorative rock

Cowra gold pebble landscape blend : $160 per tonne

20mm Limestone : $92 per tonne

Cowra White 20 mm : $220 per tonne

Cowra White 40 mm : $220 per tonne

40mm Round river gravel : $88 per tonne

100mm-300mm river stones : $88 per tonne

Call us today on 02 4774 2440 for aggregate and decorative rock supplies in Sydney.

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