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Expert Soil Suppliers in Penrith

Choosing the right soil is crucial for growing beautiful flowers, vegetables or herbs. Our team can help you select the right soil for your needs.  

Top dressing : $55 a cubic metre

Top soil : $55 per tonne

Garden mix : $44 a cubic metre

Turf Underlay $44.00 a cubic metre

Recycled soil : $22 per tonne

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Are you looking to add some spark to your garden? Perhaps you want to plant a bright pop of colour in your yard with soft pink rock orchids and nodding blue lilies. Or maybe you want to grow a plot of herbs, such as coriander, parsley and mint. Whatever your plans, you will need to start by finding the right soil suppliers in Penrith. Turn to Silverdale Sand and Soil.

Quality Soil Supplies at Competitive Prices

With extremes of droughts and heavy rain, Sydney’s harsh climate calls for special soil to give plants the nutrition they need to thrive.

We can offer you a variety of high-quality soils to meet your unique landscaping needs. For example, we deliver the following soil types:
  • Top soil.  A general-purpose soil with low water retention that is used for the top layer of the earth.
  • Garden mix.  A mixture of a variety of soils and textures that offers balanced nutrition to your plants.
  • Top dressing. A thin layer of manure, soil or fertiliser that adds beneficial organic matter to the soil.
  • Recycled soil.  A type of previously used soil for the environmentally conscious.
Don’t know what kind of soil you need for your landscaping project? Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts is happy to advise you. We are passionate about gardening and landscaping and eager to help DIY enthusiasts bring more life to their garden.

Honest Business You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions about soil. And we can provide you with the soil supplies you need to create your dream garden. As we like to say, 'The grass is always greener at Silverdale Sand and Soil'. To learn more about our services, contact our soil suppliers on 02 4774 2440.

Call us today on 02 4774 2440 for an extensive range of soil supplies.  

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